Thanks to EldritchGirl, I've been introduced to this blog by Chuck Wendig. Some of you may already know of it. If you do or don't, I've come across a couple of his posts that are pretty useful for the writing learnings. I'm going to post them here. Now. Yup. Right now. And here.

25 Things A Great Character Needs

(Don't start a sentence with a number written as a number though, folks. Just don't.)


The Zero-Fuckery Quick-Create Guide to Kick-Ass Characters (And All The Crazy Plot Stuff That Surrounds 'Em)

Read them if you have not and learn from them. If I hear of anyone going, "Oh, well, I already KNOW how to write and do not need to further my education!" I will give you the look of disapproval and dub you Special Snowflake. You will be called Flake for short. No one wants to be called Flake.