It's been a quiet week in Ninertopia, but that didn't stop our friend Pitchblende from bringing us a sweet tale this week about Shylet and Emtaka (who has the best name ever, just sayin') who are on a planet full of wonders. This story was great for getting absorbed into. Descriptions of the local wildlife (I believe they are on Planet Australia) evoke enough familiarity for us to imagine them but then they are just creepy enough that at least I wanted to stop imagining after a while, only because I got a legitimate case of the "Oh my word, this place sounds awesome but not sure I'd want to even visit" creeps. I'm going to go on record here and say that I look forward to a very public naming and shaming of the crab that traumatized Pitchblende. Ocean justice, go! (But where are the Octopoids??????????)

At the center of "I long for a harsh Eden" are a long war and a question about that war. It's nicely done how in such a small space, Pitchblende gets in a couple stories at once, and manages to fit it all in pretty well. I recommend it; it's enjoyable reading!

As always, your stories are welcome here at Thursday Tales. Just leave us a link in the comments and I will clumsily attempt to summarize and tiny-review your story at the same time!