Last week we got a new friend here, who dove right in and contributed something smashing to go along with the other smashing stories we got last week. Let's check them out, shall we?

Returning super-champion of crazy-interesting circumstances and settings, Archnemesis_Goldenhair, shared her On the Lee of the Mountain. OtLotM is quite an interesting story about Bambariush, a woman with a cool name and an uncool brother who is making her retrieve goats for his wedding. While she is about this no doubt irritating and boring chore, things get exciting with the arrival of a high-speed vessel falling from the sky. Bambariush is not just some fiction girl, she is a fiction lady, who can wield swords, talk to aliens, kick ass, and get her brother's goats. Keep an eye out for more of this, because I'm sure there is more. There better be.

Newcomer RedWriter (welcome, and thanks for sharing!) brought the most psychedelic story of the week and I may have read everything else on their blog but I can neither confirm nor deny that. Zombie Colors is the technicolor tale of Ruby and the narrator, who are moving through a dreamlike situation in which decisions and feelings are hued according to the person they belong to. I can't really explain more without ruining the fantastic imagery. The plot itself is simple enough, but the surrounding narrative is well-written and exposes the conflict in a way I have never seen before. I enjoyed this story a lot, and I think you will too. A fine showing for RedWriter's first tale!


Wenchette is just killing me to death with all this awesome in Cravings. Mirri and Radu stop by Zola's house to drop off Finn's totem and hopefully, finally, get a little bit out of the danger they've been in. There are gifts, surprises, and shenanigans in the parking lot. Mirri is changing little by little, and I am really enjoying seeing her develop as a character. She's not the same girl from Hunger Pangs, and I like knowing that she's still got obstacles ahead of her because I want to see her overcome them. Crazy dad? Check. Silly but loving friend? Check. Supernaturally sexy boyfriend of friend? Double check! Hot blues brother husbandghoul? Check plus!! I like where this is going.

I stayed up late last night trying to finish a story but I've had too much to do IRL to be able to sit down and write properly this week. My niece became a black belt, my sister is performing in a big show here, something amazing might fall from heaven (or New Jersey), and I also need sleep! Maybe I'll get it during the show (as if!).

Even though I don't have anything to contribute today, if you have written something super-fantastic and you want to share it, just link it in the comments below! If you enjoy a story or if you have some constructive feedback, leave it for the writers at their site or here in the comments section. I promise they will love it. Unless it's mean, then all bets are off, pal. Take care and happy tale-ing!