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Back again, for the eleventieth time!

Yes, it’s true! After some decidedly lively and hilarious Twitter meetings with a number of Thursdayliens, Thursday Tales is making a comeback! Not today, obviously! Next Thursday there’s gonna be a lovely Roll Call, written by one of us. Someone. We’re not sure who yet, but someone.

In case you’re not familiar with Thursday Tales, it’s where various writers come together to share some short fiction they’ve written. It doesn’t have to be fiction you wrote right now, and it doesn’t have to be “good”, for values of “good” equaling whatever anyone might think their work is the opposite of (cue me burning all my work). We’re here to share the interesting and intricate contents of our heads, to revel in the joy of words, and to lift each other up with some encouragement and truthful, fair, and kind feedback. Thursday Tales is all about helping each writer to take their writing where they want to go.

At this time, I’m putting out a call for tales! Bring us your tales of fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance, adventure, mystery, medical adventure romance science fantasy horror mystery, and what-have-you. In the past we’ve had some limits on word count (up to 2000 words) but those days are gone! If you have a super longer piece, I would recommend maybe breaking it into smaller chunks but that’s not a requirement.


Welcome back, to the old crew. It’s lovely to have us gathered here again, and welcome, to any new Thursdayliens who show up. You’re welcome to read, leave a comment, and even contribute if you’d like. If you need to get out of the greys, leave a comment here and I can make that happen for you.

Welcome to the return of Thursday Tales, and I hope you manage to find yourself lost in a good story.

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