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Call for content (maintenance post)

Thursdayliens and friends,

For years, this blog has been a site for us (okay, mooostly y’all) to gather and share our fiction and occasionally genre news. It’s great, and I love that, but for years I have sort of dreamed of more. It seems as if 2028 might be the year I get my wish. But since I typo’d the year, let’s make up for that by doing it 10 years sooner. This year!

You might have seen Burton’s outstanding opening post for our new series Space Fogeys (if not, you should give it a read), which I suppose resulted mostly from my rhapsodizing about doing a deep dive into the works of James Tiptree Jr. and expressing a sudden desire to do such a thing right here at Thursday Tales, perhaps with B if he were interested, perhaps about more authors than Sheldon (Tiptree’s secret identity).


Less than an hour ago, a brand new series was created By our loved ones Archnemesis Goldenhair and NikodaFox to examine fairy tales and relationships via brutal dissection. Get your minds ready because they have things to talk to us about and I can. not. wait.

In addition to our regular Thursday Tales, I am introducing SmuTT. SmuTT can be considered the Red Light District of Thursday Tales. Wow, why didn’t I call it that? Red Light District is so classy. Or the Red Laser District or something? Oh my Glob CoCo. Anyway, it’s Thursday Tales for the grown-up set. We will not(!) be posting adult content to Kinja because I don’t even know where to find their rules so I don’t want to run afoul of any that might be about that but I welcome your most judicious and colorful circumlocution in the comments on those posts. Otherwise, it will be just like Thursday Tales except it will be on Saturdays. Oh that’s right, it’s called SmuTT so that I can say, “There will be an introductory post about this new feature on SmuTTerday with more information.”

But wait! There’s more!

Well, okay there could be. These are the sorts of things that can help inform us as writers, are on our minds as writers, that we aspire to understand for the sake of our work, but these aren’t the only things. So, bring me your content. Do you want to do an article about themes of self-sacrifice in DragonBall [letter(s)] or write a series about design and fashion of the future? Make a comment. Just say whatever you want to do and then uh, probably just go for it! I mean you can’t be writing anything racist or sexist or anything but I don’t really expect that to happen here so probably don’t worry.


I would love to see Thursday Tales go from being a one-trick pony to being our little online home base from where we scavenge the world for interesting stuff and being it back to share with the Thursdaylienry. Heck, maybe even the sort of place that people might drop by because of some thing of interest and end up staying for the fiction. Maybe the sort of place that becomes known for being cool and informative and where good writers hang out. Maybe someone will be poking around and decide to pluck away my dear Thursdayliens to big web sites or magazines or what-have-you. Diverse content could help us grow, and gain some new voices so, please, if you have an idea, now or whenever, just leave a comment somewhere or make a post with your idea. This is a great chance to show off your essay skills or get your genre humor column going. Don’t feel compelled to do something rightnow even if you have an idea. Just share your idea. We’ll save it for you.

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