Hi everybody! It's your friendly, neighborhood Drillpress here! I'll be filling in for a while for Nikoda and Gaudy Mouse while they clink pina colada glasses on a beach in Tahiti deal with some domestic what-not. I'm not sure how long I'll be needed, but please know that my tenure as king interim fill-in guy will be ruled with pain, anguish and the lash overrun with fluffy hugs. I promise not to let the power go to my head. DRILLPRESS DIPS HIS COLORS TO NO ONE BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!1!!

We are kinda starting over with the schedule for ThursdayTales; well, it's more of a reigniting, actually. Today is a "get yourselves mentally prepared" kind of day and Thursday will give birth to a sopping wet puff ball of a roll call.

What's a roll call, you might be asking? You know all of those delicious stories you've been writing? Well, I'm going to mercilessly beg ask for them on May 1st, so go get them all nice and finished for my consumption. Then on Monday the 5th, I'll post summaries on the Odeck for the entire world to see; then, lather, rinse, repeat the following Thursday. I know, it's a vicious cycle, but one I love to be caught in!

Just in case you are new to ThursdayTales; WELCOME! We love fresh meat new recruits.


Here is what we are about:

Do you write fiction with a sci-fi/fantasy/otherworldly twist? Congrats! You're in!


Do you like to publish said writing on one of them new-fangled website-blog-journal things? Cool! You're a member!

Do you want to get the word out, about your writing, to a group of eager readers that relish your literary ways? Well, have a seat right next to me, partner!


Remember, what you write doesn't have to be on par with the lost works of Virginia Woolf, nor does it need to be a single-spaced, fifty page dissertation of how the Klingon empire saved the Federation. What it does need to be is about 500 to 2500-ish words of succulent writing from the heart... or head or tentacle or whatever part of your body touches the keyboard.

We are all about the story. Your ThursdayTales submission can be a complete, short story, a part of a serial or a chapter of a novel. Just try to keep it to a manageable size so our readers don't have to get through War and Peace every week (Although with their bookish appetites, they are more than capable of that, but we still need room for dessert.)


Also, if you need some help with a story, there are lots of people on here who are really good at giving suggestions and assistance; even if you just need a synonym for an odd word, we're here to help! Also, when you submit your story, you are more than welcome to ask for feedback, but if you'd prefer not to have any, that's chill too!

If you have any questions while I'm rocking the boat filling in, please ask away!


Oh and don't think that Nikoda and Gaudy Mouse have gone anywhere -they are VERY much lurking about. So don't think you can get away with any low-brow shenanigans!