This is writer nerd ambrosia and I want you all to play with me!

Guys, look. Myseri shared this to TT the other week but I wanted to share it with more people, because I am heavily invested in the final 3 stretch goals of this awesome-looking Kickstarter. Also, seriously, we need a Niner-wide game of Storium. What with the antics of Drillpress and Pitchblende, and all the creative people and gamers we have in our community, this would be a fantastic chance for good times to be had by all. If we include Wenchette, then it's good, scandalous times.

Full disclosure: I do not know the Storium people, though they have favorited a few of my tweets and thanked me for repeatedly mentioning them in my quest to get that Mutants and Masterminds stretch goal story world. Am I selfish? Hell yes. But the final stretch goal is for schools. I'm not even in school but if I were, I'd want some cool-ass game like this.

/vacant-eyed drooling

Did you see this? Storium!…

"Storium uses familiar game concepts inspired by card games, role-playing games, video games, and more. In each Storium game, one player is the narrator, and everyone else takes on the role of a character in the story. The narrator creates dramatic challenges for the other players to overcome. In doing so, they move the story forward in a new direction. Everyone gets their turn at telling the story."

"Story and Game had a baby, and it's Storium. This is vital stuff, equal parts revolutionary and fundamental — giving the old ways of storytelling a major digital upgrade."— Chuck Wendig, novelist and screenwriter

The cool thing is, I don't even need friends to play, this is on-line, I can open it up to the public and see who hops aboard!

Hello? Anyone? Somebody? I'll be over here licking toads if anyone needs me.