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Greetings, sexy friends and fiends

I’m here to announce a new weekly activity here at Thursday Tales: SmuTT!

I’m here to answer some questions!

What *is* this SmuTT?

That’s a really good question! It’s basically just a stylized combination of the word “smut”and the abbreviation “TT” for Thursday Tales! And no, not corn smut, either!


So, filth has come to Thursday Tales, has it?

Don’t be dismayed! All SmuTT content will reside inside SmuTT posts, made on (when else?) SmuTTerdays! SmuTT will operate much like Thursday Tales, except for erotic works by community members and discussions thereof. We will be judicious in our language here on Kinja and attempt to hilariously and cleverly circumlocute because we’re adults who can have frank conversations without being explicit. Some members of the Thursday Tales community may not be into graphic works of adult fiction, so let’s keep our parts in the SmuTT pool.

Will you answer more questions as you/we think of them?

Oh. Yah. For sure. No, really, yes, I will. So if you think of any, ask away! SmuTT begins next SmuTTerday, so write up your stories and prepare your links! It’s almost time to share the sexiest thing of all: brain contents!


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