Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers
Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers
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Intermission: A Roll Call

Ladies and gentlemen, you are free to move about the cabin. This week, there's an intermission in the adventures of the Thursday Tales gang vs. the United Internet Government. First, we have a new look for our blog! This means I'll have to resize the banner image or get a new one, but on the upside it's got recommended posts! Of course that means I have to recommend important things or who knows what will end up in the side bar. Wish we could have sticky posts, but hey, I can recommend posts and that's kinda like sticky!

Who thinks about condoms during the apocalypse? If you want to know why I brought this up, have a look at this week's episode of Myseri's "Hollow World". (I just realized that I have no idea how to make italics or links in the new editor. Shortcuts don't work and there's no toolbar...someone probably told me this but I forgot it!) I'm just gonna paste this here URL and hope it becomes clickable when I hit "submit".… (I am so sorry.) Anyway, another lull in the badness and action allows for warmth and bonding, a little bit of reflection, and a treasure.


"Ditched (part 2)" by Pitchblende (…) keeps ratcheting up the "What's happening here?" until it does something that's worth so much XP it levels up multiple times in "Oh my stars, what?" And then, well, I won't say anything else but damn, the next installment is eagerly anticipated.

In the world of Wenchette's "Cravings" (…), whenever bacon and eggs appear, some things are about to go down. I won't even tell you what things, but I'll say a few words about it: 1. I admire Mirri's optimism, 2. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the conscience, however long a lifetime is, and 3. I think of the song "Careless Whispers" in a whole other way, now that I know what they can do in the right -or wrong- situation or company.


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**Pitchblende, it's going to be a lonely week without one of your dispatches from under Oldtown. Look at these ASCII tears! ;_;)

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