Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers
Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers

So, check out this video.

This video is great for a number of reasons but in a huge way because I have a fictitious culture and for the story they’re in, it’s important to know about their funerary customs. I have run across other depictions of funerary customs and other customs related to death in media that have really surprised me, like this cartoon called Aero-Troopers which has terrible animation but which also has one of the most beautiful funerary rites I have ever seen depicted anywhere. It fits in with their culture of living in the sky and and it moves me to tears every time I see it.


Anyway, I’d like to open the floor for discussions about death and depictions of death-related or funerary practices you find interesting, or have depicted in your own story or are including in your world building. Feel free to link any resources you have come across or share any stories about this topic in general. Maybe we can get a great big brain trust going here and talk about topics and stuff.

Aaand, I guess let me know if you like this idea and have any suggestions. I’m not saying that I’m going to be making a post every whatever because then I’d be overcommitting myself, so feel absolutely free to create a post about this topic any time. Suggestions for a story type name are welcome. I, for one, will be using this story type to hopefully bring forth information and discussion about topics that I find fascinating and desperately hope to find someone knowledgeable about.

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