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Thursday Tales- Call to Post- Leaders stand at the front

It was only a few short years ago that she was a simple girl with no home, no friends, and no means. All she had was her determination. Determination to reclaim her home and family from her uncle. Today she stood at the head of an army, while he cowered in his castle. As she led her troops forward, she held back a smile. No, that would be for the moment she slaughtered the king for stealing her throne.

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Thursday Tales is a forum for your creative written works of all types- novels (serialized or complete!), short stories, fanfic, poetry, complex fan theories, poetry, and so on and etc. The only requirement is that you wrote it (or properly attribute it to the original author). Throw a link to the work in the comments and we’ll round them up in one place on Thursday for your reading pleasure.


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