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Thursday Tales- Call to Post- The Slavers

The slavers were merciless. They came from the north by boat, arriving by night. Before most even knew they were being attacked, their town had been cowed into submission. Every able bodied man was chained and beaten into compliance. The women of breeding age were loaded on the first ship, the children onto the second, and all the others were left with nothing. It would be a bountiful payday.

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Thursday Tales is a forum for your creative written works of all types- novels (serialized or complete!), short stories, fanfic, poetry, complex fan theories, poetry, and so on and etc. The only requirement is that you wrote it (or properly attribute it to the original author). Throw a link to the work in the comments and we’ll round them up in one place on Thursday for your reading pleasure.


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Top image by Filipe Pagliuso.

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