Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers
Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers
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She stood before her army, taking deep breaths to calm herself. The barbarian pirate horde had left her with nothing. Her parents slaughtered, her brothers enslaved, and her left to die with a spear between her ribs. Little did they know the small creature she had hidden from her parents was an infant dragon, capable of healing her, and becoming her mightiest ally.

They probably had no idea what had happened in the fifteen years since they’d ransacked her village. She had taken the time to heal, to train, and ultimately become a ruler of men. It didn’t matter though. Today, they would know her pain, her rage... Her revenge.

She raised her sword and screamed a battle cry. Her army responded in kind and charged forward...


Welcome to Thursday Tales!

Thursday Tales is a forum for your fiction of all types- novels (serialized or complete!), short stories, fanfic, poetry, complex fan theories, and so on and etc. The only requirement is that you wrote it (or properly attribute it to the original author).


Take some time to read the stuff below and let the authors/creators known what you think!

Deathmaster780's goofy Marvel fanfic Lash the Huchog continues with Chapter 4 KING of Fast Food! Plus, I gave him a little challenge, and he came back with a very fun fanfic- Lash Vs Wolverine as Inhuman battles mutant!


TheProdigalSon joined us this week with a creepy tale called Poison!

And I’ll throw a newly posted one of my own- The Amazing Spider-Man- Cast In Iron a continuation of my Spider-Man series.


Now go read something!

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