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Thursday Tales Round Up- Send in the Clowns

The time finally came. The Prank Wars had escalated to the point that a new kind of soldier was needed. They had trained a special unit to put an end to the hostilities. They needed them on the front lines. So they made the call... Send in the clowns.

Welcome to Thursday Tales!

It’s been a week since the last hostilities ended. I hope everyone made it.

Thursday Tales is a forum for your creative written works of all types- novels (serialized or complete!), short stories, fanfic, poetry, complex fan theories, poetry, and so on and etc. The only requirement is that you wrote it (or properly attribute it to the original author).


Take some time to read the stuff below and let the authors/creators known what you think!

Jpederson’s post-human post-apocalypse continues in Chronicle Part 2!

Brawl2099 brings us some Iron Man fanfic in Crosshairs! (And check out the rest of the shared universe site it’s on- Marvel 2000!)

Lastly, Procrasty could use a little help workshopping her story, so give it a look!

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