Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers
Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers
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ThursdayTales Roll Call: Keep Laughing, Monkey Boy edition

Good morning, all you hep cats and hoopy froods.

This here’s ThursdayTales.

ThursdayTales is that special place where, when a writer and a stack of letters love each other very very much, they employ a word processor of some kind in a steamy mélange a twìx and nine months later (give or take a few, depending on how much alcohol is consumed during the writing process) a beautiful work of fiction is born.


...If writing is a procreation analogy, then ThursdayTales is the nursery where we display those word babies so they can be snatched by creepy men in trenchcoats in the middle of the night.

SO! If you’ve got some fiction in ya, jot it down in your blog of choice and post a link to it in the comments here, and on Monday, we’ll round ‘em all up for public consumption!


...That analogy probably could have ended without infant cannibalism.

Screw it. I don’t think the mods are even paying attention anyway.



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