Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers
Short fiction, literary analysis, and shenanigans from Kinjers
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ThursdayTales Round Up: Nobody is Nobody edition

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Hello and welcome to ThursdayTales, the place where we speak Spanish to God, French to women, English to men, and Japanese to our horses.

This week we have a pretty passel of potboilers from our phriendly playwrights... so let’s get this show on the road!


Starting us off today is Croshin, with Origins, Chapter 10. The Wolves have won their first major victory over Claw, but things take a turn for the weird in the night of celebration afterward. ...and by weird, I mean, stay clear of the moors, young men.

Next up is Pitchblende, with a poem about Goblins. At least with Jehovah’s Witnesses, you can shut the door on them and pretend to not be home. Goblins, on the other hand...


Next, Brawl2099 brings us the Amazing Spider-Man and the Agents of SHIELD in a fake New York filled with murderous LMDs-gone-wrong, in Spider-Man: No One is Expendable.
And yes, Double Dragon does indeed have a hard mode, Peter.

Finally, in Kryzfintin’s Sub-Time, Chapter 2, our protagonist Jacob is awoken on the night of his birthday by a strange visitor who has a message about his destiny for the boy... but Jacob isn’t about to get a ticket to Hogwarts; he’s about to be given a mission of dire import for nothing less than the salvation of Life, the Universe and Everything!


That’s it for the round-up this week, but if you’ve got a mind to contribute your own fiction, simply come back here on Thursday when I’ll be blowing the shofar to once again summon Earth’s Greatest Writers! (That’s you, by the way.)

Keep cool, and remember: wherever you go, there you are.

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