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ThursdayTales Round Up: We Burned Our Bridges to Light Our Way edition

Good morning, faithful readers. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Come on in, and try not to track any ash onto the carpets.

This is ThursdayTales.

First off, Wenchette delivered on the promise of crackyfic, with the jizz-tastic High Spirits, in which Crossbones gets boned and gets cross about it. Not gonna lie, this tale might give you a case of the vapors. The class 5 full roaming vapors.


In Kyzfrintin’s Sub-Time, Chapter 5, Silandra and Jacob make their way to the Sub-Time main hub, and Silandra explains a little bit of the concepts behind what makes the whole thing work. Time travel, man... it’ll mess with your head.

Finally, in Croshin’s Origins, Chapter 11, the hunt for Christopher is on, when Genevieve makes a pretty whopping sacrifice in order to make this whole mess a little better. Also, I can’t wait to see how Cetzix DNA affects our heroes next!

Well, folks, that’s it for Smeagol’s tenure on ThursdayTales. I’ve got to say, it’s been utterly fantastic sharing with you all and having you all share with us. I’ll definitely miss you all, but I’ll be around, checking in every week when I can find five minutes or so to do so.

You guys all rock, and I salute you.

Smeagol, out.

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