One of the things we often do, as writers, is research. While I am currently re-reading all of Michael Crichton’s works, I am amazed at the amount of information he gets in there, without it feeling like I am reading a text book. Often times it is through the use of someone new to the field, or outside of it completely, as a character. It’s a nice trick, maybe I’ll use it one day.

But, I sit here thinking about the things I have searched for, and the lists I may or may not be on. My most recent search?

“Does decomposition happen in space”

What about yours?

(In case you are now curious, a CNET article from 2014 says that due to the lack of oxygen, it will not happen in the normal way. You may mummify or freeze depending upon heat sources, or if in a space suit, you will decompose for as long as the oxygen lasts).